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BM Georgia Co. has started its career since 2017 and it is an honor for us to give services to our compatriots both in Iran and Georgia (Georgian residents).

Our services are as follows:

1.Purchasing flats in different square measures from reputable and reliable constructing companies in Tbilisi and Batumi and private, reputable Georgian and Iranian constructors who are active and are constructing at the moment.

2.Purchasing new-built flats commensurate with our compatriots budget and taste which can be purchased in three forms as Black, white and green, and the seller would transfer the documents of ownership in the name of the buyer in Georgia’s House of Justice and the buyer would be the definitive owner of the flat after purchasing it and he/she can renovate and equip it according to his/her tastes and favorite design or even give it to the same constructing Co. for renovation.

3.Selling the flats which purchased by the customers in each stages of constructing operations (Black, white and green).

4.Renting shops in different square measures and in different parts of Tbilisi.

5.Booking a hotel with various types of rooms in different parts of Tbilisi and Batumi.

6.Renting restaurants in the tourist areas of Tbilisi.

7.Renting flats in different square measures for one year residency, two year residency and more.

8.Renting flats in different square measures for daily, weekly and monthly rentals.

9.Renting high quality agricultural lands in the plains around Tbilisi for planting agricultural products.

10.Renting and purchasing half-built or used factories in order to restablish them with very affordable prices.